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March 13, 2018

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January 24, 2018

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January 3, 2019

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January 3, 2018

Being in the Military can expose you to many values and methods that you would never come across from day to day. One of those values is the importance of physical fitness and the mindset of training.

Similar to an athlete, the mentality of training is altered when your physical fitness is directly connected to your employment. The ability or inability to perform certain tasks under grueling conditions is a factor that many simply can not simulate unless you’re within that world.

However, the past 7 years in the Army have shown me that there are 2 big elements of military training that anyone can apply to their fitness routine. Give it a read and try implementing these concepts and see your training routine yield more significant results.

Discipline: It´s a good thing
We in the west tend to associate this term with negativity. Discipline is associated with things like being in trouble with the law, breaking the rules or a child receiving punishment for eating dessert before they finished their vegetables. However in eastern cultures and the Military, discipline is the backbone of organization and self-success and is something to be proud of. The military strives to be disciplined in all aspects of life, from simple tasks like making your bed, to cleaning your equipment, to following orders during a conflict and of course, in training yourself physically. Waking up at 4am to run 5km is not enjoyable. Far from it. But continually forcing yourself to do things you’re not comfortable with in turn develops your character and the results received from those actions. Applying discipline to your workout routine will do the exact same thing. Tired, busy, lazy, distracted, late, early. These things do not matter. Be disciplined in your actions and you will guarantee your results.

Self improvement: It’s a constant, not a deadline
There is a common saying within the forces that is to “never pass a fault”. What that means is if you come across something that isn’t at its optimal condition or effectiveness, take the time to fix it and it will benefit everyone. As much as this is to be employed to your external work environment, it is also for self improvement. Bringing that to the gym, if you know you can do better, or you know you are taking the easy route in your routine, take the time to challenge yourself and look at what you’re doing from a third person perspective. Chances are you’re probably short-changing yourself. Within the same regard, if you are seeing a possibility for injury or over-training, take the time to dial back your workout and save yourself from potential harm. In body and in mind, never pass a fault.


After reading these two principles you can see that they both feed into each other.

Applying this to the gym floor will not only keep you on that goal oriented path but will also breed self confidence and that constant itch to do bigger and better than you did before. 


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