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March 13, 2018

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January 24, 2018

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January 3, 2019

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January 3, 2019

 Let's get it right this time


 If you've spent any time on your social I'm sure you've been bombarded by the wave of "NEW YEAR-NEW ME" posts and spam.

Ironically, this post IS about New Years resolutions but it's more so about how you can STICK to the plan (finally) and avoid the seemingly inevitable fall-off that everyone comes to within the next couple of weeks.


Here are 3 VERY IMPORTANT CONSIDERATIONS to follow if you're tired of the bandwagon and repeats of years past:





Step one of any good program is acceptance.

Accepting that New Years is just another day and not the fantastical "reboot" everyone is looking for is a HUGE step in the right direction.

Every year you have paused and said something along the lines of "this time this is for real" or "I'm serious this time, no BS". That's fine, but chances are you've said that about 5 times or more over the years, so this year will most likely be no different.


It's not all bleak and futile however.

Just treat it like another day with a more dialed-in approach to your fitness and health. Using a falsified date as a means of motivation won't get you anywhere. Instead just focus on what you need to change or add to your lifestyle and march forward. Be proud that you DIDN'T have to broadcast your intentions to everyone (including yourself) or rely on an external event to force yourself to smarten up. Pick your goal and move forward and keep it to yourself.

On that note:





"I want to lose weight, join a gym, eat vegan and wake up at 6am every day to exercise" is too much to handle and you know it.


If you have 8 priorities, chances are none of them are in fact a priority.

Pick ONE goal and do not add a single thing more to it until it has been implemented to your lifestyle.

I'd recommend choosing the easiest one just so you can get the ball rolling. In the above example, I'd say joining a gym is the easiest since all it takes is a visit to your facility of choice and a quick sign-up. In that same example, your goal is to go vegan? Sure, more power to you but It's a tall order if you haven't eaten a vegetable in the last 3 months that wasn't boiled to death or deep fired.

Maybe your goal should be to eat ONE fruit and vegetable per day? It may sound too trivial but chances are if you think it is, it'll be more challenging for you than you think. Throw a green in your mouth every day and see if you can turn that task into a habit. THEN consider adding more and more until you're ready to go full vegetarian, followed by vegan.

You see what I'm doing here. Filter your goals to one, then refine it to a few small tasks and start checking them off one at a time.





Homework is easier to do if you're with a buddy who knows the subject. Fixing a car is easier if you have a mechanic on stand-by. Working out and eating healthier is easier if you have a Trainer of Health Professional by your side.



Training isn't for the rich and famous anymore. In fact most people who have a Trainer or Health Coach is your average person who works full time and has a regular modern life.


The vast majority of my clients are in the age of 28-48. They recognize the value of having a 3rd party to help and educate them AND to pick them up when they fall. No harm will come from a quick question, inquiry or email. Worst case, you learned something, best case, you quickened your results substantially.

Even having a good friend or family member to tag along with you to the gym will jump you levels ahead in the right direction. The first time I started working out was with a group of friends. There's power in numbers, take advantage of it.



I truly believe that these 3 considerations will help you and your endeavor. Read them, use them and let this be the resolution to end all resolutions.




Happy New Year and good luck!




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