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March 13, 2018

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January 24, 2018

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January 3, 2019

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Exercise vs Training: There's a difference

January 16, 2018

New Year. New workout. New plan. Correct?


As I'm sure you're deeply steeped into a workout regime or at least considering starting one, I'd like to first start by stating Congratulations.

Even if this is your 8th kick at the can, it's a can worth kicking.

The hardest part of a workout regime is literally starting with it in the first place. So for that, I tip my hat to ya.

Now there's an element to working out very few are talking about  and it'd critical you know the difference:

EXERCISING vs TRAINING. There's a big difference and knowing it can really help your fitness ambitions. Let's get started.


Exercise is the real-time act of working out.

It's in-the-moment and is done to achieve the IMMEDIATE effects of physical activity.

Walking into the gym and throwing weights around because you want "a good pump" and sprinting your legs off on the treadmill because you want a "solid sweat" are all examples of chasing the effect. Once that workout has given it to you however, the clock stops and you've completed your task.

Nothing wrong with that, however it lacks a few things that are needed if you're actually trying to achieve something. That's where training picks up the slack.






Training, in comparison, has a definite deadline/finish line that you're working towards.

It's the act of continually exercising in order to meet a desired outcome as apposed to just getting an immediate effect. This is a big deal when you think about it. That one small difference can totally carve your workout program in a different shape and guide your decisions on the gym floor. Not to mention the choices you make in your day to day life.

Training, apposed to exercising, keeps yourself on track. It keeps you humble towards advice and admitting your weaknesses and keeps you geared to the completion of your goal.


This is similar to the difference between going to work to just get payed and going to work to build a career. Now speaking obviously here, everyone goes to work to get payed. But working for personal progression and trying to achieve a desired career completely changes your actions in the workplace.

This is no different on the gym floor.



Very simple.

Pick 1 goal, pick 1 solid realistic deadline and use that to pick 1 path that leads to it.

Not necessarily easy, but it is more simple than you think if you look at it logically.

Having 1 task  to focus your efforts on is easier than picking 5. Giving yourself a good amount of time to work with but still having a physical unwavering deadline keeps you disciplined.

And selecting exercises, meals and lifestyle habits to adopt to push you to that deadline only enforces your goal and desire to achieve it.

Didn't meet the deadline? Fine! at least you legitimately tried. Now you and can use that experience to improve your decisions and select a new deadline instead of constantly pushing the first one back father and farther until it becomes a distant half-ass dream.


Just some food for thought,


Happy Training!






















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